Post 5: Closing Remarks

I want to end this series of blog posts by expressing my gratitude for this summer. Over the course of a couple of months, I analyzed the data for my Monroe project, wrote a paper and submitted it with my research mentor, created and ran 60+ participants for another study, and ended with a new […]

Post 4: Live, Love, Research

While doing some reading in my free time about Ph.D. programs and eating disorders, I stumbled upon this article that a renowned eating disorders researcher shared on her Twitter feed. The title reads “Workaholism isn’t a valid requirement for advancing in science,” and the author argues that one does not need to clock in from […]

Post 3: On Science and Practice

Several Clinical Psychology Ph.D. programs operate on a Scientist-Practitioner model, which in essence means that they train their graduates to excel both in producing research and in providing quality treatment. One year ago, as a rising sophomore, I had my doubts about this method of training: if someone wanted to become a therapist, why would […]