Data Analysis

Our data collection period has come to an end and now it’s time for some data analysis! I met with my advisor yesterday and she walked me the extensive excel sheet. Each response to our survey was quantified on a scale 1-7 and some items were reversed to avoid biases. She showed me how to […]

Final Update: Finishing Up!

I’ve made it to what is arguably the most important part of a research project: writing it up! It’s also one of the trickier parts to get right. I definitely have enough information. Each interview yielded two to four full (single-spaced) pages of typed notes. And I ended up conducting eight. Over these last few […]

Week 5 Update: Talking to Incredible People

Hello everyone! This will be my second update since starting work on my project this summer. I’m proud to say that I have nearly finished up my data collection! This has consisted of qualitative interviews with representatives of community reentry organizations, largely about their services, the challenges that they and their clients face, and how […]