Abstract: Regional Challenges and Resources in the Reentry of the Formerly Incarcerated and Mentally Ill

This summer, I plan to investigate the barriers that former prisoners face when they finish their sentences and reenter normal society, as well as the resources and services available to assist them with this transition. There are local-level organizations and programs that provide reentry services, which can include case management, assistance with employment, housing, and transportation, computer […]

Abstract-Do interpersonal contexts modulate distress tolerance? Effects of cooperation and competition on persistence in an aversive task

The purpose of my project is to examine how different social circumstances may influence an individual’s distress tolerance. Distress tolerance (DT) represents an individual’s ability to withstand physical, emotional or cognitive discomfort during goal-oriented activity. Every time we do things like endure a frustrating wait in line, push through to finish that big paper or run […]

Post 5: Closing Remarks

I want to end this series of blog posts by expressing my gratitude for this summer. Over the course of a couple of months, I analyzed the data for my Monroe project, wrote a paper and submitted it with my research mentor, created and ran 60+ participants for another study, and ended with a new […]