Art Activism Update #3


Hello everyone! I finally finished my research paper, yay! I still have a bit to do in terms of proofreading and editing, but other than those minor adjustments I’m done. Today I thought I would talk a little bit about feminist art activism, as a sort of a preview on what my paper is all […]

Peer Influence on Political Preference, Post 2: Initial Survey Results

Over the past few weeks, I collected data on my political preference survey. The data is interesting and aligns closely with my expectations. In this post, I will discuss survey questions regarding demographics and basic political activity. In future posts, I will analyze relationships among the questions and variables. Demographics Through a random sample, half […]

Art Activism Update #2

Art Activism Update #2   Hello! My research is progressing well. I’ve completely finished all the “research” portions of my research project and am currently working on writing up my findings. It’s been a very interesting journey, so I thought I would explain today why I picked the original topic of art activism and why […]