Final Update: Sports and Politics

My paper is now 100% finished with all edits and citations. I’m proud to say that my final product was a paper much deeper in scope and longer in length than I anticipated. I expected to write a 15-20 page comparison between modern examples of politics in sports and past ones. Rather, my paper changed […]

Update 4: Race and Politics

I am nearly done with my paper and have completed the base structure of what I hoped to write. I really like how the paper has turned out in the way it is structured. It blends football information and historical information both separately and together at different points. I wanted to to write a paper […]

Early Reflection on Race and Politics Writing

I am in the process of writing the paper based on my research of the integration of Alabama’s football team. I believe I have a good and interesting story so far that weaves between discussing the events happening around the football program and social and political occurrences happening in the 1950s-70s. The book I found […]