Political Humor and Anxiety: Proposal Time! (Update #5)

After extensive research, it’s time to turn theory into practice and write questions for the fall Omnibus Project survey! For those unfamiliar with the Omnibus, it’s a survey sent out every fall by the Government department to gather political covariates and demographic data along with variables of interest from a sample pool of respondents. There’s […]

Political Humor and Anxiety: Processing Humor (Update #2)

Hey guys! I’ve been delving into some of the more psychological aspects of political humor in the past couple weeks and found that the field is typically split into two theories. How we process humor: Two theories There are two main theories for why political humor could be processed differently and less critically than political […]

Blog Post #2: Examining Referendums on EU Membership, 1990-present

Hi everyone! In my last blog post, I detailed the steps I will take in this research project to determine what socioeconomic and political factors are most influential in shaping domestic support for EU membership across Europe. For the past week, I’ve taken a look back in time and have examined the 20 referendums on […]