Blog Post #2: Examining Referendums on EU Membership, 1990-present

Hi everyone! In my last blog post, I detailed the steps I will take in this research project to determine what socioeconomic and political factors are most influential in shaping domestic support for EU membership across Europe. For the past week, I’ve taken a look back in time and have examined the 20 referendums on […]

Final Update: Sports and Politics

My paper is now 100% finished with all edits and citations. I’m proud to say that my final product was a paper much deeper in scope and longer in length than I anticipated. I expected to write a 15-20 page comparison between modern examples of politics in sports and past ones. Rather, my paper changed […]

Update 4: Race and Politics

I am nearly done with my paper and have completed the base structure of what I hoped to write. I really like how the paper has turned out in the way it is structured. It blends football information and historical information both separately and together at different points. I wanted to to write a paper […]