PVDF Printer: Summary

We figured out how to print and then pole PVDF in separate processes, we figured out how to make a ceramic Olsson block, and we designed a 3D printer that could print PVDF while poling at high potentials, but couldn’t make all of the parts of the 3D printer work together in concert to make […]

PVDF Printer: Final Update

After about a dozen different redesigns of a ceramic head, we have a working one that looks like an alien head that is heated by two different heater cartridges. We had a number of square and curved Olsson blocks with one or two heater cartridges, but they all had problems with the ceramic block either […]

PVDF Printer: Update 5

We wanted to make sure that the high voltage supply we had worked and could pole PVDF, so we decided to run a direct poling test. We 3D printed a number of test circles with 50mm wide test circles with thicknesses from 0.5mm to 1mm on the Ender 3 and then created a rig to […]