Update III: Proposals for Modifying Introductory Physics at W&M

As the summer comes to a close and classes start up again, it’s time to wrap up what has been a fascinating and valuable project for me.  After having gone through a bunch of research on physics education and other issues that surround it, I am struck by how much remains to be done.  There […]

Update II: The Ideal Role of Puns in Physics Education (or, “A Discussion of Transfer of Learning”):

  For many years now, I’ve had a punning problem (others call it a problem, I think it’s just fine).  It’s gotten so bad (good) by now that it’s not at all uncommon for friends to imagine puns in perfectly innocuous sentences, and in one particularly egregious situation, a simple “hello” on my part was […]

Update I: A Framing…Just so You Get the Picture

Perhaps the hardest part of starting a literature based research process is simply making sense of the mass of information that is out there!  When I started searching the databases, I was initially overwhelmed by how much research there was.  More than just the quantity of papers, I was struck by the variety of topics, […]