Summary post

At the beginning of the summer, my advisor told me that his primary goal for me this summer was to have me become familiar with the experiment so I’ll be more prepared when the school year begins.  I remember how confused I was when I first arrived at JLab- everyone was talking about components I’d […]

Week 7 (ish) update: Fourier transforms


As I mentioned in my last update, our data has been plagued by mysterious double peaks on some of the plots. The problem seems to go away for a while, then reappears for a few runs before vanishing again. We still don’t know why it’s happening or if it is going to affect the final […]

Week 6 update: double peaking mystery

Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 1.13.41 PM

A while back, one of my friends observed that there is a finite amount of time in which an undergrad is allowed to work at JLab before everybody else realizes that they’re there and subsequently approaches them to work on their own parts of the experiment. For me, that amount of time was 5 weeks. […]