My Summer as an Organic Chemist

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My research this summer has focused on finding novel routes to synthesize natural products. Natural products are chemical compounds that are produced by living organisms and are found to occur in nature. Typically, when extracted from their natural source, it is only possible to isolate small amounts of these natural products. This is why organic […]

Abstract: Disubstituted THP Formation

Abstract: Investigations of Electron Withdrawing Substituents on the Selectivity of Nucleophilic Attack in Bismuth Catalyzed 2,6-disubstituted THP Formation The Hinkle research lab has been conducting research on the selective synthesis of 2,6-disubstituted tetrahydropyrans (THPs), 6-membered rings with 5 carbon atoms and one oxygen atom, which occur in many anticancer, antimalarial, and antibacterial compounds with the […]

Extending the Metaphor Between Chemistry and Music

The second, surprisingly time-consuming part of my project has been selecting the specific chemical reactions I’d like to write my music about. I spent a good amount of time bonding (ha!) with my organic chemistry book from sophomore year, reeducating myself about organic molecules and how they behave. Certain molecules’ properties and functions definitely stimulated […]