Abstract: Reconstruction of Human Impact in Northern Norway

Human settlements in northern Norway have persisted since the Pre-Roman Iron Age (~500 BC) and marked a significant increase in agricultural activity, deforestation, and other land use practices. Of the human impacts, agriculture serves as the most pronounced indicator of early human activity¬†and may have had an early influence on global climate. Although long past, […]

The Final Recap

Now that the period of summer research is swiftly drawing to a close, it is time to reflect on the overall success of my proposal. I could have researched this same topic without a grant, but it would not have been nearly as rewarding for me as a linguistics student or as beneficial to the […]

The Scandinavian Expedition: Week 1

Although this week should mark my first week of actual Monroe research, I have already performed half of the interviews for my project. In April I visited Professor Golden at the Universitet i Oslo (University of Oslo) in Norway to conduct interviews of native Norwegian speakers. I had originally contacted Professor Golden about doing my […]