slaying the hunger-hydra

Although I feel a little weird using a Greek mythology metaphor (considering that I’m researching hunger policy in Latin America), I felt it was apt in this case. Traditional hunger policies often don’t attack the root causes of hunger, and it seems like every time one of the beast’s heads gets cut off (when, for […]

Hunger Policy in Latin America–Weeks 1 & 2!

Hey all! These first couple of weeks have absolutely flown by (except for being in swem daily for hours on end, that part is a little less exciting). It’s crazy though that I only have a couple of days left before it’s been two full weeks! I’m really excited with how the project has changed […]

Assessing Health Beliefs & Experiences with Hygiene-Related Infectious Diseases in Rural Nicaragua: Part 4

During my time interning at USAID, I had the opportunity sit in on a number of seminars and meetings, including the weekly MCH division meetings, and a few meetings focused more on USAID’s work in the WASH sector. My next step is essentially to integrate my primary research from early in the summer conducting interviews […]