Hearing Birds and Moving Materials

This is my third week researching this summer and I have already completed two preliminary experiments.  These were designed to test my method of inducing hearing loss in zebra finch.  It appears unfortunately that the current method is not sufficient to induce any obvious form of hearing loss.  So I’ll turn the volume up! Previously […]

Update 1: Injection Series

The first portion of my research project is currently underway. This project will be looking at the effects of nicotine exposure in an adolescent on context-dependent memory retrieval as adults. The first phase of this experiment, therefore, is to expose adolescent rats to nicotine. This is done through abdominal injections in an injection series. The […]

Finally Complete!

After all of the analysis, I have great news. There appears to be some indication that gestures during recall have a basis in visualization, or help to spur that visualization. I think an EEG study of a more random sampling of students would really clean up the results, but I definitely trust that the theory […]