Abstract: The Effects of Medial Prefrontal Cortical Administration of an Orexin-1-Receptor Antagonist on Attentional Performance in Rats

The brain is undoubtedly the most complex organ in our body. Decades of research have been dedicated to unraveling neural circuitry. In the field of neuroscience, the complete understanding of neural pathways and how they contribute to various cognitive functions requires a comprehensive investigation of the specific components involved. This project will explore key components […]

Summary: In Case You Didn’t Hear

This summer I have worked on a research project with the aim to develop a method to consistently damage zebra finch hearing.  This is a short term goal for the larger project of assessing whether removing SARM 1 (Sterile Alpha and TIR Motif Containing Protein 1) will prevent hearing loss or promote healing.  SARM 1 is a […]

Third Update: More Noise

Since the last post I have performed several more experiments at increasing dB level and increasing length of exposure to the noise.  Most recently I have tested 4 birds with a noise event of broadband noise at a dB level between 115 and 120dB and 4 birds with a noise event of a pure tone […]