Final Post

Last week I completed my final product and emailed it to my advisor. It ended up in the vicinity of seventy pages, this written child of mine, and I hated and loved and loathed it all at once. Working the same track of words for so long, one loses all perspective. By the time I […]

Alas, the Writing Life

I’ve just completed most of the writing portion of my project, having worked on it over the course of the last week and a half. Prior to that, I had about a third of it written, mainly notes that I wrote while on Orcas Island, arranged chronologically by day, but not organized any further. Well, […]

Upon Arrival at Orcas Island

So it took one hour in a car, eight hours in a plane, three hours in a bus, and one hour on a ferry to get here, but guys, it was seriously worth it, because Orcas Island is lovely. The largest of the San Juan islands, Orcas is cut by several sounds, which are like […]