Final Update & Future Advice

I finally finished my paper, “An Overview of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance with a Focus on Health Systems Strengthening.” Rather than discussing my research, I will create a list of tips that might aid future researchers. Don’t change your topic – I change my specific topic/research question twice in this process, although all of my […]

Global Health Update 2: Narrowing Down My Topic

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 7.52.38 PM

Since my initial update about my exploration of medical volunteering, I have shifted my broader focus to include sustainability of actors besides NGOs and medical schools, which are the primary providers of medical volunteers. Now, I have overviewed and mapped out the key players in global health, which my research has revealed to be: Multilateral institutions […]

Medical Volunteering: First Research Update

I spent the first week of my research conducting a broad overview of volunteer tourism. After reading and synthesizing many articles, I decided to hone in on medical volunteer tourism, as I found the articles related to it the most interesting. I devoted this past week to conducting more research on medical volunteering. Currently, I […]