Abstract: EP of Original Works

This summer, I am creating a four song Extended Play album of original musical works. Over eight weeks , I will write, produce and record the EP. I will spend one week writing and one week recording each song on the EP. Working for eight weeks on this EP will further my creative development as a […]

Summary, Artwork, Liner Notes, Listening Link

BW upside down jelly1

I have discussed much of the process, theory, and surrounding skills of putting together my album of music inspired by different marine ecosystems and organisms. For my final post, I will detail the finishing touches of the whole product. Firstly, I designed my own album artwork to accompany this music in its current digital form […]

Found in Translation: Connectivity in Concepts and Composition

I have always vacillated in methods of my composition process from initial concept to final product: sometimes the first spark is a title or an idea that I then try to compose to express, sometimes it’s a melody, chord, or rhythm that I develop musically and then assign some further conceptualization to (or not) afterward. […]