Final post: An inclusivity audit for the Science Museum of Virginia

I turned in my final report to my supervisor a few weeks ag0. I am currently waiting to hear feedback on what I produced. In the meantime, I have been reflecting on what I accomplished and planning more work with the museum for the fall semester. The report I wrote, given its breadth, did not […]

Update: Report writing

I am in the midst of the final stage of my internship this summer- producing a report for the museum on my findings and recommendations. The report is broken down into a literature review (both academic and museum best practice literature), qualitative observations, staff and volunteer interviews, quantitative observations, and recommendations. My goal is to […]

Update 2: Mixed methods in the museum

My supervisor at the museum and I came up with a new idea at a meeting last week: generating quantitative data. We decided to adapt parts of the qualitative framework I used in my early observations of the museum into a format that generates some numbers on specific exhibits. Currently, we have 14 questions that […]