Final Post: Sustainable Design In Berlin

I’m! Finally! Done! Well, sort of. I don’t think any of us can say we will never revisit our topics again, or that our final project is necessarily our end point, but I am done writing this specific project and it does not feel bad. I ended up having a little over 20 pages, which was my […]

Final Summary: Drawing Conclusions

humidity and movement chart

It is hard to believe the summer is already over – it seems like just yesterday I was tagging my first toad! Field work has its challenges (mosquitos, bad weather, MUD) but overall I have found the experience to by highly rewarding. I have enjoyed getting to be outside all day studying species that fascinate […]

Blog Post 3: Analyzing Data

This is an exciting time! Finally, after a long summer field season, we are able to start analyzing our hard won data! I hope to have some nice clean charts in my final blog post, but first I will simply describe the methods I have been using to analyze our various data sets. To analyze […]