Blog Post Two: Preliminary Movement Patterns

Hello Again! As always, the past two weeks have been filled with tracking! We also tagged a few more pickerel frogs during a large rainstorm last week, as the wet conditions brought them out in full force! Most species will begin migrating away from breeding ponds soon, making it more difficult to track them, so […]

Blog Post One: Tracking in Full Swing!


Time flies when you are doing fieldwork! I’ve been waiting excitedly to give an update on my project until I had a few weeks of solid tracking under my belt. I started the field season back in June, but it took a little while to get the daily protocol nailed down. I spent the first […]

My Summer as an Organic Chemist

Picture 3

My research this summer has focused on finding novel routes to synthesize natural products. Natural products are chemical compounds that are produced by living organisms and are found to occur in nature. Typically, when extracted from their natural source, it is only possible to isolate small amounts of these natural products. This is why organic […]