Two Interviews Completed (Update 2)

Despite a frustrating experience with the Institutional Review Board, my research was approved by the PHSC at the end of July. Since then, I have advertised my research project on a local college’s campus. I chose not to interview William and Mary students because the campus is so small and I didn’t want to speak to anyone […]

Adding to my Experiment

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 10.37.22 PM

As I put the final touches on my experiment I began to worry people may struggle to adjust to the structure of the experiment.  I worried that automatically playing recordings of the minimal pairs may catch participants off guard, and make them want to rehear the recordings. Initially I thought about allowing participants to replay the recordings. This would ensure confidence in […]

Integration of Collegiate Sports Athletics: Update 5

After some edits to the questions, the survey was released on August 3rd. After a less-than optimal amount of initial responses, I’ve sent a follow-up email to those who have responded, thanking them for their time and asking them to endorse and pass on the survey link to those at other schools. For those that […]