Vietnamese Cuisine: Update 1

I have spent my time the past few weeks in both Williamsburg and Northern Virginia. While in Williamsburg, I’ve worked on the introductory research paper about the history of phở and the content analysis. While in Northern Virginia, I’ve observed my grandmother cook different Vietnamese dishes.  I took notes and plan to replicate the items for the cookbook later […]

Abstract: Sentiment Analysis of the Confederate Statue Debate

Debate about historical figures in modern contexts is not new, but with the recent protests regarding Confederate monuments, policy makers are being forced to make very public judgments and decisions about the issue.This project seeks to determine public sentiment regarding the appropriateness of maintaining or removing confederate and other historical statues that have come under […]

An Abstract: Using Spatial Data and Causal Trees to Analyze the Effectiveness of Environmental Aid Allocation


By conservative estimates, hundreds of millions of dollars of international aid is allocated to environmental protection each year. Despite the growing global importance of environmental conservation and many local case studies, the impact of this aid is poorly understood on a global level. This lack of information is due to the vast diversity of geographic […]