A Summer of Lake Core Data


By late July I had much of my data together. I had collected and run over 200 samples from three different cores, conducted magnetic susceptibility on three cores, taken photos of five cores and had split over seven cores. It was an exhausting process, but being able to look at the tangible results was very […]

Conclusion – Navarre Book History

I’ve finally reach the end of this project, or rather this stage of the project since I will be continuing my research into senior year as an honors thesis. It has been a challenging, but engaging process. I made it through 5 hours a day of transcription for 4 weeks in Spain, one week at […]

Peer Influence on Political Preference: Final Post

party pie chart

For my fifth and final post, I will discuss the main conclusions of my research as well as strengths and weaknesses of the project. Overall Conclusions While the results of my research are not what I expected to find, they provided interesting insights into the political climate at the College. Overall, 58.3% of subjects identify […]