Update 1: The multicultural science museum: Inclusivity and accessibility

As of today I am four weeks into my internship. My role is essentially to assess/audit the current inclusivity and accessibility efforts, programs, and structures at the museum. Inclusivity and accessibility are complex and multifaceted concepts: ultimately, they entail attempting to account for and understand every aspect of human experience and identity . Pretty simple, right? I […]

Planning, Reading, and More Planning…

The best parts of summer research are the parts that can be done outside in the sun – and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing! For the first few weeks, starting at the end of the school year, I’ve been spending my time getting into the substantial amount of literature on family-school relationships. It’s a […]

End of Week One: Where Data Comes From

When I set out on the beginning of this project last week, I decided to focus my research for the first couple of weeks on data collection.  Going in to this project, I knew that my data collection would need to be creative.  For starters, it is not easy to find resources detailing census information […]