Final Update: European Political Polarization

As I put my final touches on my research report, I want to pause and trace the route it took to here. Summer of 2015, I participated in the William & Mary DC Summer Institute Program, where I took a course focused on American political polarization taught by Professor Rapaport. ┬áSince then, I have phenomenon […]

Summing up the summer: Yeast is yummy.


  Now that all the data’s in, I have the benefit of perspective in viewing overall patterns. If you read my previous post, you’ll remember I noted that the results yielded several interesting patterns, but more notable, patterns where they may have been. My bros (brahs? bro-inas?) Angela and Bernadette previously completed a study analagous […]

A Super Brief Update: How I Spent Weeks 6 and 7

There’s not a whole lot on which to update everybody for the last two weeks of my project. I’ve been working on performing statistical analyses on the data I collected and compiling the results into a research paper. Re-learning how to use Excel proved to be a bit challenging and frustrating; upon figuring out which […]