In Which I Use My Funds (Productively and Proactively!)

Aside from covering my rent and groceries this summer, I initially set aside money for travel and expenses that would be involved in finding and compensating people to interview. Since that didn’t happen (see my last post), I used a large chunk of that funding for something of similar value and utility to my goals: […]

Final Post: Catalonia’s Independence Movement

Well, I’ve made it back to the ‘Burg, and I’ve also made it through a draft of my research paper on the Catalan independence movement. It’s sitting at fifty-one pages right now (apologies in advance to my advisor, who has to read the admittedly very rough version!), and I largely stuck to my outline, which […]

The Last One: A Summary of my Monroe Project

As previously mentioned, the sample size, age range, and consistency of participation in the BalletNova summer intensive were not what I had hoped for going into my Monroe Project. The overall trends seen among the five participants in this project—being overall happy and satisfied, not reporting high levels of stress, and feeling relatively content with […]