FISA Courts: Final Thoughts

Hello all, Studying the structure and the suggested reforms of the FISA courts has taught me a few things. The first is just how much inertia can shape institutions.  The President, prominent Democrats and Republicans in the Congress, myriad journalists and reporters, and many former judges–not to mention thousands of citizens–all roughly agreed on a […]

History of the Distribution of Firms and Marketing in the Scotch Industry

I know, I know. I have put this post off until very late in the summer.  I got distracted by the end of the summer and the preparations for my honors thesis (which I am happy to say HAS BEEN APPROVED!)  My next and final blog post will be all about that.  Now I will […]

Summary, Artwork, Liner Notes, Listening Link

BW upside down jelly1

I have discussed much of the process, theory, and surrounding skills of putting together my album of music inspired by different marine ecosystems and organisms. For my final post, I will detail the finishing touches of the whole product. Firstly, I designed my own album artwork to accompany this music in its current digital form […]