Absolute Pitch

Most people that are musically inclined have at one point or another been asked if they have perfect pitch. What is perfect pitch, and does it really exist? Scientifically, perfect pitch is really referred to as absolute pitch. By definition, absolute pitch is the “ability to produce or identify specific pitches without reference to an […]

Monroe Summary Blog

Monroe Summary Blog             This summer, I learned a lot about chemistry research. Any result, desired or undesired, still tells us something about how a system is (or is not) working. Findings in research take a lot of work and that work can move at a slow pace sometimes. At other times, it seems there’s […]

Ypres: 100 Years Later

Last Post ceremony at the Menin Gate.  A crowd this size came out on a Tuesday, and I'm told it was a small one at that.

Eventually it came time to leave behind the open fields and small forests of the department de la Somme and cross the border into Belgium to investigate the impact of the First World War on the municipality of Ypres (Ieper in Dutch).  This entire region saw fierce fighting from the very beginning of the war, with […]