UCT Language Attitudes Update #2: The Interviews

Penguins at Boulders Beach

So, in my last post, I focused on building the matched-guise study.  Even though I probably left that I little confusing, I would like your permission to move onto what proved to be a more frustrating part of my study – the interviews. Given that this blog is primarily meant to shed some light on […]

Mozi, cont’d.

The rough draft is complete and all shall rejoice! I’ve worked out several of the kinks mentioned in my last blog post and have received comments on the paper from my adviser. As I go through and edit, there are certainly several more problems to consider before I declare the project completed and submit it […]

Couponing: Up Close and Personal

In my last blog post, I discussed The Learning Channel’s “Extreme Couponing” and some of the results from my analysis of the first season. For this post, I will be talking about some of the interviews I have conducted with couponers from the Hampton Roads area. There were of course similarities: all between the ages […]