Basements and Ben & Jerry’s


Today I depart from my first research destination here in Burlington, Vermont. I have learned a lot this week shadowing an interventional radiologist at the University of Vermont Medical Center. We spent a lot of time in what actually is not the “basement” but the dimly lit ground floor of the hospital looking at different […]

The Civil-Military Divide on Wartime Ethics

When democracies go to war, military and political leaders are faced with a challenge. On the one hand, they must be sensitive to public opinion and perceptions of the war effort. This requires minimizing the harm inflicted upon the non-combatant population of the war zone, and respecting human rights obligations as specified in compacts such […]

More than Ministers: The Changing Roles of Military Chaplains

The role of the United States military chaplain has always presented somewhat of a conundrum. In a nation that prides itself on the separation of church and state, there remains a strong presence of religion in the military. Despite this ill-defined intersection of martial and religious affairs, the contributions of military chaplains to United States warfare […]