Final Blog: The Art of Medical Interpretation Summary

I am finally almost at the very end of my paper. All I have left are a couple of fact checks and the conclusion. I didn’t expect it to be so lengthy, but I suppose that the sources I used started to catch up with me. It is always a gratifying feeling to see one’s […]

Interviews, an unexpected source, and The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down

Well, I am back home from the Eastern Shore, as of last week! My experience was pretty incredible. I began working on my final paper shortly after writing my last blog, so most of my writing time has gone towards that endeavor. In this blog I’ll let you know what type of work went into […]

The Art of Medical Interpretation: Understanding the Migrant Farmworker Patient

Hello again from the Eastern Shore! It’s been another interesting week interpreting for Eastern Shore Rural Health (ESRH). I have interpreted for many more cases, only a few of which led to some minor confusion (I mixed up pañal and puñal, and so when I wished to translate “does your son help change his brother’s […]