Zebra Finches Update 2


This week one clutch of my finches has hatched. I am working daily to record their masses and comb through the video data from the nest box camera files. From this, I will be able to record how often they beg and how often the parent visits the nest. On day 5, when they begin […]

Effect of Mercury on Zebra Finch Nestling Mortality

Nestling Zebra Finch

Mercury bioaccumulation is an increasingly significant issue facing ecosystems across the globe.  The objective of my research is to investigate the effect of mercury on nestling mortality in zebra finches.  Previous data has indicated that increased doses of mercury lead to decreased nestling survival, but the reason for this has yet to be discovered.  Recent […]


At the beginning of the summer, I had a question and no means to answer it.  Although I do not have data for my original question of whether mercury exposure affects gene expression, this summer provided me the tools to launch into an exciting year of research: Mercury contamination is everywhere. The US Geological survey and […]