Steganography and Conversion – Final Post

Hello! It’s been a long and sometimes arduous journey, but today marks the end of my weeks of research. I have found answers to my research questions. I’ve tested the relative “worth” of myriad forms of media, including digital image, analog audio, and text. I have created new methods for enhancing, or at least concretely […]

Steganography and Conversion – Update 8

Left: the generated stego object. Note the added noise and slightly altered waveform.

Right: the original waveform.

This post continues where my last post left off; in it, I’ll discuss my original method of audio steganography! Because waveform audio data (i.e., WAV files) can be represented as bits and bytes (a total of eight bits, with possible values from 0 to 255), LSB (least significant bit) steganography can be used to conceal […]

Steganography and Conversion – Update 7


Over the past week and a half, I’ve been wrapping up the final portions of my project! I created two original methods of steganography, one visual, and the other auditory. First, an overview of the visual method. In a typical digital image, each pixel’s color is characterized by a red, a green, and a blue […]