In Conclusion: The Fight for the Independent Coffeehouse

The following is the final product of my research this summer, not including the data from my Consumer Research Survey. If I had had more time, I would have gone more in-depth into my analysis of the quantitative data that I obtained, as well as work to account for extraneous variables in the success of […]

Stage Three: Consumer Research Survey in progress

Today I am posting to discuss the inundation of Consumer Survey responses and Qualtrics data that I have received so far. My goal is to have 100 consumers answer the questionnaire that I developed; currently there have been 79 responses. After studying the preliminary data in my possession, I am ruminating on several clear trends. […]

First Update: Coffeehouse Communities

Throughout the first few weeks of my research, I studied a wide array of literature that addressed different elements of where I want to take my finished project. Ritzer’s┬áThe McDonaldization of Society discussed how scale effects have created a streamlined, efficient, and overall rationalized America. However despite the benefits of a world where there are […]