Atlanta Metro Booming Update 3

Hello again. Since my last update, I have collected all the demographic data that I will be using for this project. The IPUMS database from NHGIS proved invaluable in this task and I am indebted to that service. The data I collected are organized by census tracts, which are geographical divisions within counties that the […]

Atlanta Metro Booming Update 4


I had thought that my data cleaning was finished, but it was not. My poor personal computer works very slowly in the GIS software, so I decided to trim down all the data outside the metro Atlanta region. After doing so, I imported data mapping the interstate highways in the region, and got to work […]

Atlanta Metro Booming Update 2


Since my last update, I have found a reliable and simple source for my population data. The IPUMS dataset from National Historic GIS is easy to access and transfer into a GIS program. As a result, I will spend less of my time searching and cleaning data and more time making maps and analyzing results. […]