Bread Science Summer Summary

Well friends, we’ve come to the end of a yeast-filled summer. It has been three months full of kneading, waiting, baking, blogging, and enjoying the knowledge that bread can bring us. I’m not just talking about the various conclusions that I’ve been able to draw from my experiments. I’m also referring to the apparent simplicity […]

The Effect of Sponge Age on Sourdough Characteristics (Update #10)


Look, I promise this is the last time this summer that I will be posting about bread and how cool it is. If the posts have been too much I am sorry. On the other hand, if you’ve been enjoying reading about my floured adventure then this is a bittersweet (or maybe…sour) moment. I know […]

A Gluten-Free Extravaganza! (Update #9)


Hello people! Earlier in the summer I attempted an experiment to improve upon the basic yeasted sandwich loaf by using different flours to see if they had an effect on height, texture, and the overall viability of a loaf for its desired purpose. In this past experiment, which was based on a recipe that assumed the […]