Abstract: Representations of Race and Gender in Young Adult and Children’s Fiction

In Young Adult Literature and Adolescent Identity Across Cultures and Classrooms Contexts for the Literary Lives of Teens, Janet Alsup conceptualizes identity formation and socialization through reading as a discourse between the images and narratives in a text and the internalized narratives and assumptions a reader brings to the text[1].  My research is centered on […]

The Evolution of the Epic: A Summary

This summer I have spent my time exploring the history of the Western epic tradition. My goal was to gain an understanding of the genre and how it has changed, as well as its significance in relation to the modern era. Through my research, I found that while the epic evolved through a series of […]

Blot Post #3: Destroying Definitions

In my last post, I talked a bit about some of the ideas I had about writing my paper. Well now I’ve been involved in the writing process for over a week, and I’ve written about 16 ½ pages of my actual paper. It’s been an interesting process, and I find that my ideas keep […]