Steganography and Conversion


Research question: The question I hope to answer with my research is ‘what is one image worth?’, and more broadly, ‘what is the worth of one piece of any form of media?’ To be precise, by ‘worth’, I mean the amount of objective, immutable information contained in a piece of media. We all know the […]

A paradigm shift

It’s time for a change. My original plan for this linguistics experiment was to use sentences about animals, because animal nouns have no inherent gender, but in practice we assign animals genders all the time, like in “that squirrel lucked out, he almost got eaten by that dog” (a quote from actual, unprompted speech… thanks Jack). […]

Conclusion: Describing Koasati’s Semantic Alignment System Part 2

Continued from Part I, where I give an overview of the different types of agreement and their uses. Type I and Type II Although most active verbs take Type I agreement stative verbs take Type II agreement, this is clearly not the factor which determines which verbs take which agreement.  As I have shown in […]