Fieldwork in Louisiana: Part 2

After the first few elicitation sessions, it seemed to me that Koasati’s semantic alignment system was, as Kimball described, based on control/volition, but the distinction is very subtle.  A lot of verbs can take more than one set of affixes, and when asked to explain the difference between them, most speakers that I worked with […]

Fieldwork in Louisiana: Part 1

Professor Martin (my advisor, who also went to Louisiana to help me and do his own fieldwork) and I arrived in Kinder, Louisiana on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 30th.  The Coushatta Tribe runs a casino in Kinder about ten minutes away from their reservation, and we stayed at chalets by the casino.  Because of […]

Preliminary Research and Elicitation Preparations

Today was my first full day in the site of my fieldwork:  the Coushatta Tribal Reservation near Kinder, Louisiana. I spent the two weeks leading up to my arrival reviewing academic literature on active-stative languages and collecting a list of verbs that I’d like to elicit to determine the precise semantic boundaries that determine Koasati’s verbal […]