Incidental Language Acquisition Update 7

My last update summarized the summer portion of my research pretty well. After finishing the novels, the main question was how to format them, and in what format to distribute them to participants. I believe I will distribute them as physical books, to decrease the likelihood of participants looking up translations, or “skimming” them to […]

Problems with Recordings

To create my experiment I first recorded my grandmother, a native Thai speaker, pronouncing different Thai minimal pairs. With each word I cut the recording to get the phonemes I was using in my experiment. For example, I cut the recording of the word ‘baa khlang’, meaning ‘insane’, to isolate the initial /b/ phoneme. I then redid this […]

Adding to my Experiment

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 10.37.22 PM

As I put the final touches on my experiment I began to worry people may struggle to adjust to the structure of the experiment.  I worried that automatically playing recordings of the minimal pairs may catch participants off guard, and make them want to rehear the recordings. Initially I thought about allowing participants to replay the recordings. This would ensure confidence in […]