Gay Men’s Language in Italy: In-Group Perceptions and Attitudes

While living and studying in Italy as an exchange student after high school, I began to notice certain linguistic features that appeared exclusively in gay men’s speech. These included feminization of adjectives, affectionately tongue-in-cheek terms of address, and an animatedly flamboyant style. Given the work done by American scholars William Leap and Stephen Mann on […]

OULIPO Project Summary – Outcome of L’induit Post

At the beginning of my Monroe project planning, I intended to study the Oulipo and explore possible areas for expansion of this Paris-based literary group already well past its fiftieth birthday. Basically, my project did not stray from this original question of the Oulipo’s survival and future. Carried out together, my project entailed two major […]

The Final Recap

Now that the period of summer research is swiftly drawing to a close, it is time to reflect on the overall success of my proposal. I could have researched this same topic without a grant, but it would not have been nearly as rewarding for me as a linguistics student or as beneficial to the […]