Final Summary: The Effects of Study Abroad on College Students’ Language Learning

This summer I was fortunate enough to explore a topic that I find fascinating and I was successful in this research.  Languages have always interested me and from when I was a little girl when I spoke in Italian with my grandmother, I have wanted to become fluent in the language.  Not to mention, I […]


Now that I’ve gathered as many responses as I believe I’ll be able to get, I’ve started writing my research paper.  The past few weeks responses have been trickling in, but I think that people in the other study abroad programs have forgotten the email I sent out earlier.  Reading other research papers on the […]

Reflection and Moving Forward

Now that I have been home from Italy for a little bit, away from the whirlwind of traveling home and making sure everything was just so, I have gotten the chance to look back on my experience.  While abroad, we took two classes, one of which was Italian.  At the beginning of the program we […]