Summary: Place in Healing and Memory

My fascination with place began, I think, when I first uprooted myself from my childhood home to live in a country far away. As I have continued to travel and explore new places, I have become ever more attuned to how physical environments form my experiences and my memories. From the wild beauty of a […]

Healing and Memory, Part 3: El Camino

I returned from the Camino portugués a few days ago. The blisters and sunburn are still there, but somehow the time remains surreal. My sister and I walked nearly 250 kilometers in nine days, from Porto to Santiago de Compostela. This is the “Portuguese Way,” one of the traditional Camino (the Way or Path) routes […]

Healing and Memory, Part 2: Argentina

  As my time in Argentina comes to a close, I have been organizing my thoughts as well as my luggage. I find myself reflecting on the wealth of experiences and information I have collected throughout the semester. Although I feel that I have delved into the relationships between communities, their physical space, and their […]