Non-linear Zooplankton Models


The summer is over, and classes have started again.  l can say with certainty that I had a productive and enjoyable summer in Williamsburg. This summer, we began working with a new, non-linear model for the Acartia tonsa population in the Chesapeake Bay. The model is shown below. My goal for this summer was to […]

Acartia tonsa, the Cannibal

On Thursday, we took a lab field trip to the Virginia Institute of Marine Science.  We were given a brief unofficial tour by one of our VIMS collaborators.  We saw some of the cool but also really expensive toys the scientists at VIMS use for data collection.  There was one particular instrument which could ‘fly’ […]

Something Useful

This past week, I was able to take a long weekend to visit with my family in New York.  It was a nice break from sitting in front a computer all day, and I got to escape from the disgusting humidity that plagues Williamsburg in the summer. I was also able to get in contact […]