Investigating the Vegan Speech Community: Final Summary

My paper is finally written, my transcripts are finalized, and my sources are cited. I cannot believe that these seven weeks of fun are over! As stated in my abstract, the original goal of this project was to investigate authenticity in the vegan “How I Became a Vegan story,” a goal which I have indeed […]

Interview Analysis: Investigating Judgments

As I draw near the final week of my project, I begin to finally put my finger on a thesis for my paper. Hooray! The last several weeks have been devoted to narrowing down my methodology, determining the area of focus for my analysis, and reading journal article after journal article. Thankfully, I’ve determined an […]

Transcription Transcription

I have spent the majority of the past two weeks at a Starbucks, my laptop in front of me as I frantically transcribed interviews with a pair of headphones placed securely in my ears. I can now say that I have become so familiar with my interviewees’ voices that, if presented with a written transcript […]