Total Eclipse of the Heart *turn around bright eyes*

And so the day has come and gone! We made good time down to Charleston and back, thankfully avoiding much of the forecasted traffic on I95. The day before the eclipse, we set out into the city to investigate where viewing events might be happening around the city. We started the day at the College […]

On the Cusp of Totality: Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Several Amazon Purchases


We are getting so close! Yesterday marked the one-week countdown to the total eclipse. Since I last updated you all, I have been investigating some interesting facets of eclipses. I checked out several books from the public library covering everything from the history and lore of eclipses to some recently published volumes meant to prepare […]

1 Month, 5 Days, 23 Hours, 48 Minutes and Some Assorted Seconds

And so it begins! I’ve downloaded a countdown app and set the date to August 21st at 2:46:22 pm. This first week was mostly investigating logistics for my trip in August and conducting preliminary research on solar eclipses. I am planning on watching the eclipse in Charleston, South Carolina. Already a popular tourist destination, the […]