The Second Half

After doing some basic computational analysis of the engagement and frustration data, I started using a technique called changepoint analysis. Changepoint analysis is a technique that works with seemingly random data, but it has various stages. For example, the data can fluctuate a lot around a certain value for 10 seconds, and then it fluctuates […]

The Beginning Half

In order to be able to use an EEG to determine if educational videos are any good, we first have to have a setup to collect the data from the headset in a meaningful way. The first week working with the Emotiv EEG was spent mostly familiarizing myself with it and making sure I knew […]

Technological Applications of Consumer Grade EEGs

In Sci-Fi movies, we often see characters plugging themselves into computers and controlling them with our minds. While we are definitely a long ways away from seeing this level of sophisticated technology, we can still experiment with what technology we do have. Consumer grade EEGs are relatively cheap devices ($100-200) ┬áthat you can wear on […]