Week 3, Update #2 “I am not a feminist”

Week 3 has flown by and my time in Ireland is coming to an end. Every interview leaves me feeling like I have learned something new about the Irish traditional music community as a whole. With many interviews under my belt, I would say with confidence that the community is very accommodating to people of […]

Week 1-2 Traditional Irish Music

So far, my research in Ireland has been difficult but fulfilling. I started this trip with only a few contacts that I could meet up with to interview. As a result, I have had to go outside of my comfort zone and approach musicians individually after their set ends. I have let the nerves get […]

Abstract: Women in Musical Subcultures: A Comparative Study of Irish Traditional Music and Heavy Metal

Hello! My name is Jack McNeil, I am a junior at the College of William and Mary pursuing a degree in Government and Sociology. My Summer 2017 Monroe Project is focused on the experience of women in specific musical subcultures. I choose Irish Traditional Music and Heavy Metal on the basis that women have only […]