Month in Review

Before I could access patient files, I had to undergo HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) training, which explains the laws surrounding patient confidentiality and privacy. I learned how to properly deal with online and paper records as well as the importance of avoiding talking about patients where others can hear. Prior to this […]

Getting Started

Because I am not able to handle patient records until after I have undergone HIPPA training (available on June 18, 2015), I have begun a primary document search that will give my findings more context. In the coming week, I hope to find other studies conducted on how diabetes affects the rural poor. The first […]

Abstract: Diabetes Care: Factors Influencing Succcessful Management

The goal of my research project is to understand what factors influence successful diabetes management in a low income, rural population. The specific population I will be looking at is the patients at Old Towne Medical Center, a low cost clinic in Williamsburg. This project differs from the vast majority of diabetes studies because it […]