Researching Teen Drinking and Alcohol Use: First Steps

This past week I’ve been working on getting my project off the ground, including scheduling my first interviews, conducting them, transcribing them, and looking for patterns and potential codes (and also unpacking and cleaning my room, but I haven’t quite gotten around to that yet). So far I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of […]

Argentine and U.S. interviews – interesting discussions with student political leaders

Besides surveys, the other primary component of my Monroe project is interviews with students who lead or have led (if the new leaders have not yet assumed their responsibilities) student political groups. I conducted in-person interviews at the National University of La Plata during June and have been conducting interviews at William & Mary (mostly […]

Women in STEM Summary

At this point, the paper has been written, edited by my advisor, and is expected to be its final form by this coming Monday. A few minor edits and points of reorganization will be incorporated into the discussion section. All told, this project was a fulfilling and enriching experience, and I am happy to share […]