That’s a Wrap!

Summer Holiday (well, at least this version of it) is officially done! I never would have thought that this process would be as involved as it was. I even simplified quite a bit from my original plan, and I still ended up in a bit over my head. I didn’t at all anticipate having to […]

Summer Holiday 3: Ansel’s Alive!

Oh, how amazing it is to see your script go from silent words on the printed page to raw, visceral audio! Dan, the voice actor for Ansel, did a fantastic job recording his lines. I can officially say that Ansel is alive! It’s so, so cool to hear his parts spoken for the first time. […]

Summer Holiday 2: Art Galore

Things are progressing well with my project! I spent a long time talking with my artist and friend, Maggie, just a few days ago and we were able to complete a timeline for the rest of the art in the project. She has sent me items for the first five days at this point, and […]