Writing the War (Hero): Update 1

The scope of my research has narrowed since I began. I’ve realized there is more than enough of a story for me to tell just by focusing on Akhmad Kadyrov’s place in official histories of the Chechen War, without the other two figures I had initially planned on also examining. I’ve spent the last couple […]

The Northumbrian Frontier: At the Edge of an Early Medieval Kingship

This project focuses on the kingdom of Northumbria: it was the foremost polity in existence on the island of Great Britain between 500–700 CE. Expanding from a fortified hill on the ocean, Northumbria grew into the valleys and mountains of its hinterland. Bolstered by the church, the kingdom maintained its power well, flourishing in the […]

Depictions of Empire: Soviet Film and the Creation of the Imperial Myth

Всем привет, и добро пожаловать! My name is Callaway Sprinkle and I’m delighted to be pursuing this research project on a couple of topics I’m fascinated with. I’m a double-major in Russian and Post-Soviet Studies and International Relations at the College. This will be my third summer during which I’ve gone to Russia, but this […]