Best of Wives and Best of Women- The End?

Just yesterday, after a bit of an emotional crisis at the fact that I could finally be finishing my research, I concluded my biography of Eliza Hamilton. Wow.   Hearing about my research, many of my friends and family have been asking about what I’ve learned, what has been most interesting to find out about […]

Update 3: More archives and preparing for the final product

Since my last update, I’ve been reading more sources on the Cherokees who fought first for the Confederacy then for the Union. I mainly focused on the collection of the papers of the principal chief, John Ross, throughout the war. His papers further supported my thought that slavery was not a major concern in Cherokees’ […]

The Northumbrian Frontier: Using Old Sources in Modern Research

charter of athelstan cropped

Applying primary sources is one of the central tasks, and one of the most necessary skills, for the right conduct of historical research. On the face of it, the task may seem easy enough for Anglo-Saxon England. Every source that I would need to consult has already appeared in a high-quality, modern English translation. The […]