Checking in on the Chaplaincy: Update #3

I can’t believe there’s only one more week left of my research on the military chaplaincy! This research got it’s start last fall, when I was taking a class on religion and war in America, and the intersections of church and state. I started wondering how religious chaplains fared in secular environments, and that question […]

At The Lighthouse: Installment 2 – You can’t rewrite history

As I rewrite the History of the Sheringham Point Lighthouse, I have started bumping up against a topic which I do not really know how to deal with: censorship. Almost always, when it comes to censorship, unless you have a┬áreally good reason to censor something, you should tell it as it is and leave well […]

At The Lighthouse: Installment 1

My undertaking for this project is to delve deeper into the history of the Sheringham Point Lighthouse, located on the coast of Vancouver Island. I have been going down so many rabbit warrens with this project–the phrase “You don’t know what you don’t know” couldn’t be more applicable to this situation. One day you think […]