The Northumbrian Frontier: At the Edge of an Early Medieval Kingship

This project focuses on the kingdom of Northumbria: it was the foremost polity in existence on the island of Great Britain between 500–700 CE. Expanding from a fortified hill on the ocean, Northumbria grew into the valleys and mountains of its hinterland. Bolstered by the church, the kingdom maintained its power well, flourishing in the […]

Depictions of Empire: Soviet Film and the Creation of the Imperial Myth

Всем привет, и добро пожаловать! My name is Callaway Sprinkle and I’m delighted to be pursuing this research project on a couple of topics I’m fascinated with. I’m a double-major in Russian and Post-Soviet Studies and International Relations at the College. This will be my third summer during which I’ve gone to Russia, but this […]

Best of Wives and Best of Women: The Life of Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton

This summer, I’m going to be researching the life of Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, compiling all the information I gather into a biographical paper. With the popularity of the musical Hamilton, I’ve been exposed to Eliza, as she is called in the show, and her life story. However, the musical still places focus on her ‘ten-dollar, […]