Abstract: The American Missionaries’ role in US perception and foreign policy to China during Chinese Civil War, 1945-1949

Research Topic: This summer, I will explore a set of related questions centering on the American missionaries’ role in US perception of and foreign policy to China during the Chinese Civil War from 1945 to 1949, also known as the Chinese Communist Revolution. Below are the specific research questions: How American missionaries perceived and understood […]

Update 3: Theoretical Framing for Kadyrov Bridge

Upon arriving back in the States, I dug deep into the theoretical framework through which I hoped to understand my bridge. I found the toponymic work of Reuben Rose-Redwood et al. and began to use it to interpret what I found. The discrepancy between the state memory and unofficial memory of Akhmad Kadyrov was what […]

Final Post

During this summer, I mainly examined the question of how the Cherokees remembered the Civil War. Through reading different types of sources, such as correspondence, oral history transcripts, and newspaper, I discovered the close relationship between the Cherokee Civil War memories and their political and sociocultural identity. I summarized eight themes in their popular remembrance […]