Update 1: Looking for the Memories of Native Americans

During the past two weeks, I was reviewing the secondary literature about the concept of blood among the so-called Five Civilized Tribes because of its close relationship with American Indians’ racial perception. However, in this process, I encountered an article written by Amanda Cobb-Greetham about Cherokee and Creek women’s memories of the Civil War in […]

Best of Wives and Best of Women- Discovering Treasures

I’ve now completed most of my visits for my research; New York City, Philadelphia, Morristown, Albany, Saratoga, and Washington DC. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind, and I’ve probably walked more than a few miles in my various tours, but it’s been a blast nonetheless. I’ve been able to walk in Eliza’s footsteps, and […]

Best of Wives and Best of Women- On the Road

The day was May 14th, and there I was at the archives of the New York State Library. It was my first day embarking on my research, and I felt like I was Nick Cage in National Treasure. A whole box of 18th century letters was sitting in front of me, I opened it up to […]