Update 2: Facts, Rumors, Suspicious Appreciation and Fearful Hopes: Make Sense of History

In the past week, I read more historical materials from various mission boards stored at Yale Divinity School Libraries. I mainly examined how American Protestant missionaries perceived the political and social conditions in China, and how they contributed to American images of China from 1945 to 1949. As I wrote in my last update that  […]

Update 1: American Protestant Missionaries’ experiences with Communism in China in the mid-20th century—the Chinese Civil War and Cold War

During the past two weeks, I have read scholar works on American images of China and its influence on American diplomatic decisions during the Chinese Civil War between Chinese Communism Party and Chines Nationalist Party (Kuomintang) from 1945 to 1949, and began reading primary sources in Missionary Research Library at Columbia University. These readings illuminate […]

Female World War II pilots in historical fiction

I plan on writing a historical fiction piece about a romance between two women. I imagined two central characters loosely inspired by actual historical figures: a British spy working with a Resistance cell in central Europe and a Russian female fighter pilot. Sasha, the pilot, crash-lands in enemy territory, and Stella, the spy, discovers her […]