Heavy Metal & the Cold War – Post 2

Of the three countries whose metal scenes I have been studying, I would have to say that West Germany’s is the most interesting in terms of lyrical content. Written in awkward, sometimes broken English, their lyrics discuss not only the common themes of nuclear war, violence, and religion, but also grapple with Germany’s then-recent Nazi, […]

no llores por mi Argentina (já para o Brasil!)

Going into week 4, I’m still adjusting and refining my research and methods a little but I do feel like things are coming together nicely. I spent entirely too long reading a book about the history of Argentina—I learned a ton, but it was also hella time-consuming for something that is really just for background […]

Heavy Metal & the Cold War – Post 1

I’ve spent the last week or two researching the musical side of my project. For the most part, my initial idea – that heavy metal bands, especially those in the 80’s, drew a heretofore understated influence from the sociopolitical climate in which they operated – seems to be holding up. However, my thesis is imperfect. […]